Sports for change

CCU works with and for individuals with mental illness through sports for change approaches. CCU has 10 years of experience in coordinating sports for change programs through football, netball, and other field games to deliver community-based initiatives in public health, mental health awareness and women empowerment. Together with our partners we share space for idea incubation, exchange experts, experiences on strategic sports interventions that address social barriers like stigma, discrimination and all forms of violence. CCU has carried out programs in Kyaka II, Wakiso, Kampala, Kyegegwa, and Entebbe.

Sports for change and Mental illness

16 percent of all recorded mental illness within Mental health outpatient facilities are children and adolescents. Mental health problems among children go undetected in most cases, continuing through adolescence to adulthood and result into serious mental disorders. Children and adolescents are most vulnerable to substance misuse, sexual violence, depression, anxiety and denied their rights to play, be free from torture, ill-treatment, and exploitation consequently leading to mental illness. Mental health stigma interferes with children and adolescents’ education, association, health seeking behavior, drug compliance, and leads to poor mental health, social exclusion, suicidal behavior. Stigma creates shame among families, and caregivers which weakens their emotion resilience to cope, and care. CCU and partners work with children and adolescents between 10-24years specifically survivors, most at risk children and adolescents, families and caregivers within and out of school communities to counter stigma through using sports to;

lter negative attitudes, and beliefs through active learning, to improve beneficiaries’ skills for coping with self-stigma by enhancing life skills and health-seeking behavior.

To promote self-disclosure through peer support, problem-solving, adventure in turn reduce stigma, increase the uptake of mental health services and treatment among children and adolescents in Uganda.

Power of Sports

Sports provide for physical fitness and healthy living for all ages. Sports is a tool with values, disciplines that CCU and partners apply to deliver both functional and clinical intervention critical for positive change. It is this unique ability to engage people, bring them together that makes sports the perfect catalyst for sustainable and positive development in Uganda.

Our Partners